i-fact@nalysis’ investigative consulting expertise provides resolution to internal and external conflict through a process of rigorous fact-finding and critical analysis of all pertinent data. i-fact@nalysis helps organizations respond locally, regionally and globally to opportunities, threats, regulatory pressures, lawsuits, brand protection and other critical business needs.

Our experience, knowledge and global presence help organizations with in-depth fact finding whether investigating an accusation of wrongdoing, conducting an internal investigation or allegations of misconduct. i-fact@nalysis’ clients count on our global team to understand and protect their commercial interests.

The Investigations & Intelligence practice area at i-fact@nalysis is managed by one to the most accredited global team of professionals in the industry with four decades of combined experience in the law enforcement, military and private sectors.

Our global investigation team has assisted the legal community, law enforcement agencies and Fortune 1000 companies in investigating fraud, commercial disputes, employee misconduct and financial irregularities and losses. i-fact@nalysis’s suite of professional services allows us to manage all aspects of an investigation and intelligence gathering internally.


Financial Investigations
Asset Identification & Recovery
Intellectual Property Disputes
Internal Investigations
Computer & Digital Forensics
Product Diversion
Product Counterfeiting
Supply Chain
Business Intelligence

Litigation Support
Conduct Sensitive Interviews
Locate Key Personnel & Witnesses
Uncover & Preserve Electronic Evidence
Gather Key Evidence
Global Offices
Experience & Resources In Over 100 Countries