i-fact@nalysis, Inc.’s co-sponsors an Executive Briefing on the challenges of conducting business in China. Kent Anderson, the Managing Director of our Seattle & Portland, Washington Offices organized the event with the law firm of Miller Nash LLP Attorneys At Law. Philip Curlewis, Managing Director of i-fact@anlysis, Inc.’s Hong Kong and Shanghai Office was the keynote speaker. The FBI also presented at the event, which was attended by corporate compliance officers, CEOs and other members of the Portland business community.

June 15, 2011

Boston (June 15, 2011) — i-fact@nalysis, Inc. co-sponsored an Executive Briefing on the challenges of conducting business in China with the law firm of Miller Nash LLP. China is a country of enormous potential and opportunity with diverse cultural, geographic and economic characteristics and equally diverse risks including corruption and crime, travel threats, espionage, worker dissatisfaction, natural disasters, product counterfeiting and challenging legal and regulatory compliance requirements. Whether companies plan to expand into the Chinese market or have existing operations, it is critical to have the right partner to understand and manage these risks.

The keynote speaker Mr. Philip Curlewis, the Managing Director of i-fact@nalysis’ China offices, has over 19 years of experience operating in China. He provided a unique insight into the challenges of conducting investigations, implementing protection programs and assessing risk in China. Mr. Curlewis’ real world experiences provided the audience with a candid insider’s view of evaluating risk as it relates to the political, social, economic and legal climate in China. Mr. Curlewis presentation filtered out common misconceptions of conducting business in China, a view U.S. business executives are seldom exposed too. The briefing was followed by a Q&A session, which addressed specific interests and concerns of the business leaders and attorneys in attendance.

Also presenting at the event were Kent Anderson, Managing Director, Portland/Seattle for i-fact@nalysis, Merril A Keane, Attorney, International Business and Litigation, Miller Nash LLP and a Special Agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Portland office provided a presentation on “Executive Travel and Espionage Risks” in China.

The distinguished panel of presenters provided insight on the following topics, which addressed security, legal and compliance issues facing U.S. companies operating in China.

  • Business, legal and cultural challenges
  • Compliance with U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practice Act and other regulations
  • Effective investigations and due diligence in China
  • Travel security for executives
  • Intellectual property & counterfeiting concerns
  • Espionage concerns
  • Understanding the cyber threat
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes

The attendees walked away with a better understanding on how their organizations could succeed in China’s dynamic market while managing risk.

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