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Workplace Bullying Lecture

September 28, 2010 Boston (September 28, 2010) — Dennis Moschella i-fact@nalysis, Inc.’s Managing Director of the company’s Los Angeles office was the guest speaker at The Exchange Club of Irvine, California. Mr. Moschella presentation on “Workplace Bullying” was attended by diversified gathering of business leaders, educators and

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Raymond F. Humphrey, CPP, Advisor and Member of the Board of Directors

A Certified Protection Professional, Mr. Humphrey is Owner and President of Humphrey & Company. He evaluates homeland security preparedness, deterrence, business continuity, consequence management, the introduction of leading-edge security technology, and similar initiatives and activities at the municipal, state, national, international and organizational levels.

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Charles A. MacDonald Appointed Vice President

Mr. MacDonald has over thirty-five years of experience as a law enforcement officer, a corporate security director and security management in the high tech, biometric and global consulting and training fields. He has investigated all types of fraud, intellectual property, work place violence, anti piracy, public and

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Dennis B. Moschella Appointed Managing Director of Los Angeles Office

Dennis B. Moschella, Managing Director, Los Angeles Office Mr. Moschella has over thirty-five years of law enforcement and private sector experience in conducting all forms of white collar, organized crime, work place violence and financial investigations. As the worldwide manager of security operations for a Fortune 100

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i-fact@nalysis opens new office in Los Angeles, California

October 2009 i-fact@nalysis is pleased to announce the opening of our office in Los Angeles, CA, and the appointment of Dennis B. Moschella as the Managing Director. This is the latest step in the continuing expansion of our global digital forensic, due diligence, advisory and compliance services.

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Scott W. Emery Appointed Managing Director & Partner of the Washington, D.C., Office

Scott W. Emery, ACE, CISM, CISSP, Managing Director & Partner; Washington, D.C., Office Mr. Emery has over thirty years of global experience in internal corporate and due diligence investigations, e-Discovery, computer forensics, cyber investigations and information technology fields. He has held senior management level positions with Fortune

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i-fact@nalysis opens new office in Washington, D.C.

i-fact@nalysis, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of its Seattle, WA office and the appointment of Kent Anderson as the Managing Director. December 2008 Boston (December 2008) –i-fact@nalysis is pleased to announce the opening of our office in Washington, D.C. This is the latest step in

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Gary R. Steger Appointed Managing Director of Houston Office

Gary R. Steger, Managing Director, Houston Office Mr. Steger has thirty-one years of experience as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducting investigations in the areas of white collar and financial crimes, embezzlement and organized crime. While at the FBI, he gained specialized

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